Evgeny Lebedev, is the most prolific composer of the three. Born in Moscow in 1984, Evgeny played Russian folk music on accordion as a child, ​performed at festivals and won contests; he never studied piano before he turned 15, and it was jazz music that decided his path. Graduated from both Russian Academy of Music in Moscow and Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA, Lebedev won several international jazz performance competitions, but it is his compositional talent that makes him to really stand out.


Bassist Anton Revnyuk is the most experienced of the three, Born in 1975, he studied jazz bass in Moscow with the late, legendary bass teacher, Anatoly Sobolev. In late 1990s, he performed in New York City with the likes of Chico Freeman and Cyro Baptista as part of Moscow-based band led by saxophonist Anatole Gerasimov, a Russian expatriate who was in Duke Ellington Orchestra around the time of Duke's passing, and toured Canada with Russian jazz band led by the great pianist, Igor Bril. As part of Russia's most in-demand rhythm section led by pianist Yakov Okun, Revnyuk extensively toured Russia with visiting American jazz performers such as Donny McCaslin, Alex Sipiagin, Craig Handy, Johnny Griffin, and numerous others.


Drummer Ignat Kravtsov, born in 1986, studied music in his native Yekaterinburg, Russia, and was already an experienced jazz and rock player when he moved to Moscow in 2013. The work with LRK Trio allowed him to prove himself as a versatile modern drummer, capable of creative interpretation of complex, breathtakingly exciting ideas of his partners. Ignat also plays with Therr Maitz, one of Russia's most popular indie rock bands, and co-leads Amber Sept, prog rock/fusion outlet with original music provided by Ignat and by pianist Yulia Perminova.




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